During an official match, players may not communicate with people not involved in the match even when there are pauses in the game. People involved in the match are the players of each team, the coach, and the tournament officials.

If a match is involuntary interrupted (player crash, server crash, network cuts …) the tournament officials may decide to replay the match according to the following rules:

– If the problem took place before the end of the first round for a player still alive in-game, the whole half-time will be replayed.

– If the problem took place before the end of the third round, the half-time will be continued with the number of remaining rounds, and the scores of the interrupted half-time will be added to the new half-time. The start money will be set to 800$ for each team.

-If the problem took place after the end of the third round, the half-time will be continued with the number of remaining rounds, and the scores of the interrupted half-time will be added to the new half-time. The start money will be set to 5000$ for each team.

– If one of the players crashed or is disconnected, he must come back as quickly as possible. A team may “pause” the game at the end of current round to allow the player to come back. A team can’t “pause” the game during the current round unless it has been expressly authorized by the tournament officials.

When a team estimates being a victim of rules violations during a match, players are compelled not to stop the game by any means and to properly finish it. Once the match is over, the team captain may officially ask for an investigation to tournament officials. It is strongly advised to provide valuable information that may help the tournament director in his investigation. Unjustified and repetitive use of this right may be sanctioned.

The following actions are strictly prohibited during a game and will result in a 3 rounds loss which will be deducted at the end of the match, and a warning:

– Using pause is forbidden without the authorization of a tournament’s official (it can be used during the freeze time or the end of the round).
– Any form of script is forbidden.
– Using bugs which change the game principle (i.e. spawn bugs) is illegal.
– Moving through walls, floors and roofs is strictly forbidden. This also includes skywalking.
– “silent bombs" (i.e. the planting of a bomb which doesn’t make a sound ) are illegal.
– Planting bombs so that they cannot be defused is illegal. This does not include plants where multiple. Players are needed to defuse.
– Defusing bomb through walls or roofs is strictly illegal.
– Boosting with the help of team mates is allowed in general, but it is forbidden in places were the textures, walls, ceilings, floors become transparent or penetrable. For more information read the map specific bugs section.
– “Fireboost” (i.e firing below a player to push him) is strictly illegal.
– “Flashbugs” are forbidden.
– Throwing flash grenades under walls is not allowed, throwing grenades over walls or roofs is allowed.
– “Mapswimming“ or „Floating“ is illegal.
– “Pixelwalking“ is illegal (Sitting or standing on invisible map edges)
– Binding “+duck“ to the mouse wheel is forbidden.

The following actions are authorized during a game:

– There is no restriction on amount of grenade bought.

– Bunny hopping is allowed without script.

– Silent run is allowed without script.

– Using “+duck” behind a box is authorized.

A team may be disqualified if one of his player commits any of the following offences:

– receives more than one warning

– is guilty of violent conduct

– uses any unlawful or unfair proceedings

– mislead or dupe any tournament official

– is not present at his match schedule

– violates a rule of this regulation

Client settings

The following settings must be used by players:

- ex_interp 0.01

- rate 100000

- cl_lc 1

- cl_lw 1

- cl_pitchspeed 225

- cl_showevents 0

- cl_movespeedkey 0.52

- cl_updaterate 101

- cl_cmdrate 101

- gl_picmip 0

- gl_monolights 0

- gl_polyoffset 0.1 to 4

- gl_max_size higher than 128

- fastsprites 0

- lightgamma 2.5

- texgamma 2.0

- s_show 0

- s_a3d 0

- r_speeds 0

All other client settings in the configuration files may be changed if they do not give to the player an unfair advantage comparable to a cheat. The use of an unfair CVAR setting comparable to a cheat will result in a sanction.

Players may not bring, install or use any external software or hardware that inter-acts in-game, any form of modification that would alter the game or allow a player to execute automatically more than one in-game action, or any configuration file, unless expressly authorized by a tournament official.

Server settings

The following game settings will be used by default:

- sv_minrate 0

- sv_maxrate 100000

- sv_minupdaterate 4

- sv_maxupdaterate 100

- sv_maxspeed 320

- sv_airaccelerate 10

- sv_aim 0

- sv_cheats 0

- sv_airmove 1

- sv_allowupload 1

- sv_bounce 1

- sv_clienttrace 1

- sv_clipmode 0

- sv_friction 4.000

- sv_gravity 800

- sv_stepsize 18

- sv_stopspeed 75.000

- sv_wateraccelerate 10

- sv_waterfriction 1

- mp_autoteambalance 0

- mp_limitteams 0

- mp_friendlyfire 1

- mp_forcechasecam 2

- mp_chasecam 1

- mp_friendly_grenade_damage 1

- mp_allowmonsters 0

- mp_ghostfrenquency 0.1

- mp_fadetoblack 1

- mp_autokick 0

- mp_hostagepenalty 0

- mp_tkpunish 0

- mp_c4timer 35

- mp_roundtime 1.75

- mp_freezetime 10

- mp_chattime 10

- mp_startmoney 800

- mp_timelimit 0

- mp_maxrounds 15

- mp_winlimit 0

- mp_buytime 0.25

- mp_flashlight 0

- mp_logfile 1

- mp_logmessages 1

- mp_mirrordamage 0

- log on

- sys_ticrate 10000

- fps_max 1000

- pausable 1

Maps For Solo Match : aa_dima2

Maps for Team Match : de_dust2, de_inferno, de_train, de_nuke, de_mirage, css_cache, css_overpass.

No. of round in Solo Match : 12 ( 6 as CT and 6 as T )

No. of rounds in Team Match : 30 ( 15 as CT and 15 as T )

Incase of overtime additional 3 rounds will be played in solo match and additional 7 rounds will be played.

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