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[AOV] Team android vs OG

Team Android

Match vs image


[AOV] Team android vs OG

9-25 (OG Wins)

all matches, Arena of Valor, latest results 14th June 2020, 5:00 PM IST

Team Android
Player1 Nick : JellyBean
Player2 Nick : Marshmallow
Player3 Nick : Donut
Player4 Nick : Glitch
Player5 Nick : GingerBread

Player1 Nick : ᶿᴳ☆Faith
Player2 Nick : ᶿᴳ☆DevilsTwin
Player3 Nick : ᶿᴳ☆Ares
Player4 Nick : ᶿᴳ☆DarkCrisys
Player5 Nick : ᶿᴳ☆Firecaster
Substitute Nick : ᶿᴳ☆Robinhood

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