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[AOV] Cloud9 vs Exiled


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[AOV] Cloud9 vs Exiled

7-20 (Exiled Wins)

all matches, Arena of Valor, latest results 14th June 2020, 6:30 PM IST

Cloud 9
Player1 Nick : sergio
Player2 Nick : Thelastultimate
Player3 Nick : Ꮆu乙ᶬâŋ
Player4 Nick : Remo(Jr)
Player5 Nick : //R░DARK
Substitute Nick : Andy123

Player1 Nick : Casper
Player2 Nick : CarnifeX
Player3 Nick : Råvèñ
Player4 Nick : Ash48
Player5 Nick : 螿ƳᑌᒎÏN
Substitute Nick : BUFFY

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