About Us

Recter Gaming Community [RGC] is a eSport Network and Gaming Community for online multiplayer games like Counter strike 1.6 [CS1.6], Counter Strike Global Offensive [CSGO], PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG], Clash Of Clan [COC], Clash Royale [CR], Arena Of Valor [AOV], Free Fire [FF] and Standoff 2 [SO2].

Recter Gaming Community [RGC] organizes 3 Tournaments every year. Shadow League (During Summer), Thunder League (During Monsoon) and Fallen League (During Winter) for all the supported games.

Our history

Recter Gaming Community [RGC] was the collaboration of 3 gaming clan of counter strike 1.6 game. We decided to unite and create a community. Owner of Recter Gaming were Debayan Roy [ROB], Jeet Banerjee [Zoanthropy] and Pawan Gond [Wildcard]. Debayan roy was representing his clan T!GER, Jeet Banerjee was representing his clan Xpt , Pawan Gond was representing his clan Panthers. Due to some issues Jeet Banerjee left RGC, 2 months before 1st anniversary of RGC. He was replaced by Dhruv Prajapati (CrazYmaN), the main leader of clan Panthers. Rest all is present 🙂


Our Team

Pawan Gond ( Wildcard )

Owner | Web and Server Manager | The one who is writing this

Dhruv Prajapati ( CrAzYmAn )

Owner | Server Manager | The one who makes server laggy

Debayan Roy ( ROB )

Owner | Server Manager | The one with bunch of ideas

Nihal Patel ( LION )

Co-Owner | Social Management | The one who promotes RGC

Pratik Rathore ( PSFC )

Co-Owner | Does Nothing | The one who keeps crying all time

Adhitya Raina ( VertiGo )

Core member | Mobile games handler | The one who handles mobile games

Adit Doshi ( Adit )

Core Member | Gaming Account Dealer | The one who sells accounts



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