SERVER RULES



I. No abuse to any player or admin.
II. No cheats and hacks will be entertained – 1 Time warning to stop your cheat then permanent ban from all the servers of RGC.
III. No chain Nadding.
IV. No Spamming through Mic or through IP website (Other than RGC) – else get gag for first time after warning then a ban for 1 day then a permanent ban.
V. No Advertisement of any other servers.


I. No direct ban without Warning.
II. No useless bans.
III. No use of kick slay slap until very important.
IV. No use of gag for fun.
V. No restart / map change with out Vote.
VI. Banning player with proper reason – else rights might be revoked.
VII. Must record and provide demo of the banned person if asked for – if not able to provide -> Leads to rights revoke


I. No use of cheats ( especially written again because of immunity ) – In case found Guilty – Powers will be revoked and lead to permanent ban.
II. No overpowering other admins and players – Else power will be revoked and no other privileges will be provided for the billed period of time.


                 WEBSITE – FORUM RULES
1. No advertisement of other communities and servers.
2. No use of abusive words – Leads to permanent ban from forum.
3. No useless threads – after a fixed number of threads you will be banned.
4. Never try to steal Admin passwords.
5. No waste reply in important threads.
6. Must follow the format while uploading threads.
7. Must have a verified email.
8. Must be regular.


                             Currency Rules
1. Use of currency will take place with a minimum amount of ₹80.
2. Use of Currency should be done being in the knowledge of the any 1 of the Owners or Co- Owners.
3. Must provide a proof of the Currency you posses before purchase and after purchase.


                       PAYMENT RULES
1. Payment for purchase should be done through proper channel only.
2. Shall provide your proof of payment while clamming the purchase to any of the owner or Co – Owner.
3. No fake transactions will be tolerated.
4. Payment shall be paid to only to the owners or Co-Owners.
5. No transfer of privileges to other person will be provided once you paid for.
6. No refund shall be provided once paid.
7. Refund claim shall only be done with a legit reason with a proof.